Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.38.46 AMI am so proud to be involved with Performing Statistics, a group of volunteers led by the energizing visionary Mark Aloysious Strandquist.

Our goal is to interrupt the school to prison pipeline by connecting teens to themselves (giving them voice), connecting “authority” to the reality of young people’s challenges, and connecting “institutions” (schools, prisons, law enforcement, legal aid, and local non-profits) to one another in service of our young people.

Under the guidance of local artists, the kids have made a training manual for the police, logos for the cause, t-shirts and posters, public service announcements, songs and chants for change.


One of the culminating experiences was a Justice Parade where volunteers became the voices of the incarcerated youth and marched through the city of Richmond to call attention to the issue of the school to prison pipeline.


I can’t wait to do more work and take a deeper dive into this important cause.


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