You Are What You Measure

I’ve been very conditioned to associate a life with a life’s work – read J.O.B. When I meet new people, I always ask “What do you do”? Unless someone is ensconced in a career, they are often baffled or state rather unenthusiastically their job title. I think I’ll start asking instead “What’s your favorite thing to do”? Seems it might start more interesting conversations.



2 thoughts on “You Are What You Measure

  1. As one of those folks who has strayed from the typical “career path”, I heartily agree it is more interesting to discuss what someone’s interests or passions are, rather than “What do you do?”.

    This also avoids a certain amount of potential awkwardness if someone happens to be between positions. Anyone who has ever experienced being unemployed gets to reconsider who they are, in a broader sense than merely what they do for a living.

    Of course there are those lucky people who do what they love as well as eatn a living from it. Even so, my feeling still is that even if you are a fantastic whatever, it does really say who you are.

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