Dear Coquette, . . .

I’ve been reading this advice column for about five years – it used to be on Tumblr and was called Coke Talk, but has moved in the last year over some spat about sumpin’ ruther….

The Coquette is anonymous – she sees herself as a hybrid of Dolly Parton and Amal Alamuddin. She has a razor sharp tongue, a biting wit, and a seemingly encyclopedic understanding of concepts as far reaching as neuroscience, metaphysics, psychology, politics, economics, and music – the list goes on and on and it is awe inspiring to read. She’s kind of a wild child and the site explores some dark corners of behavior, but hey, the world has stones unturned and people really do live under them.

She’s been a source of enlightenment for me and I challenge you to dip in. If nothing else, you’ll get a good laugh and a sense of a pulse in popular culture.



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