On Choice

Beams & Struts, Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools Ask Miss USA

I love this take on privilege – it puts a responsibility as an opportunity and asks that we act.

” . . . Choosing to grow legs is hard. But I can choose to do things that over time change who I am as a person, to such a degree that the cultural ramifications for the future could be untold. Culture is the collective expression of we individual’s (our minds, personalities, and preferences). In the same way that our individual psyches have developed since infancy, so have our cultures developed since their origins (the basic tribal arrangements of yesterday were not as complex as the multi-layered social stratifications of today). If we take evolution seriously we should also take seriously that we actually have the power to change it’s course, culturally, through everything that we chose do.

Everything that we do impacts the people around us and therefore culture, in some small way. Making the long-term effort to grow from weak to strong, from dull to bright, from ignorant to enlightened, is something that might occur naturally in a millennia, but that we have to power to choose to do today. Right now. And every day for as long as we live. For me, starting to experiment with adopting this evolutionary perspective has been life changing. I don’t want to waste a single day anymore. Everything is becoming an opportunity to push my own limits and I feel like I owe it to life to use the most of everything it’s given me. That might come off as elitist or privileged to some. And maybe it is. But the more I think about it the more I think that people of my ilk – wealthy, privileged, middle class Western citizens of the 21st Century – have an obligation to make the most of our lives. We’re some of the first to not only understand the science of evolution, but to have the wealth and ability to actually engage in it by choice. If God does exist, the greatest gift he may have given us is evolution.  ”


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