Black Lives Matter (and so do women)

Donald Trump. Nuff said. Racism, sexism, anti-intellectualism, I wait with baited breath for this to end. Instead, we get deeper and deeper into the trough of hate and conflict, difference, contrast, divide.

I live in a small town, predominantly black. I work at a small college, predominantly Christian. Ain’t no love lost in either place. I feel like a pariah – white, privileged, agnostic, socialist, liberal, elitist, snob . . . I believe Jesus was probably a great man but I don’t think he’d be none too happy with life on earth in this era. Go head, burn me at the stake. Or the flag pole. Patriotism becomes nationalism and we forget what we’re fighting for.

I’m gonna stick with the golden rule, try to give more than I take and let art be a voice for all this confusion and calamity.

Images of proofs from a set of posters I’m printing for Black History Month. I grapple.

#workinprogress #thewinddonegone #28daysisnotenough #nojusticenopeace




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