Between Rug & Lawn – On Cultural Appropriation and Colonialism (again)


Martin Roth’s most recent rug installation, currently on view at the Korean Cultural Centre in London, is a part of a show titled Riptide. Over the next few weeks the piece will gradually change as the grass first mimics the patterns found on the rugs until it grows to create new forms. Towards the end of the exhibition the grass will nearly consume the rugs before dying itself, a cycle of birth, consumption, and eventual death.

This is indeed Colossal. As poetic an expression of the western love affair with the lawn and the eastern romance of the magic carpet as I have seen. Roth piece contemplates our relationship with the natural world which has been supplanted by a surreal idea of nature.

His work explores how we obtain, translate and communicate narratives from cultural objects. Grass growing on the dust of history, ashes to ashes. Read more about the artist’s process here.




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