Missed Connections – Rigor on the Street, the Mind Matters


A lot of attention is being paid to web-based outlets for creativity and intellectual inquiry. It’s hard to take the high road, a life of the mind, and still pay the bills. Few fields exist to support such a labor of love.

I’m grateful for social media for hosting so many types of voices I can follow for free – not so sure about compensation packages for the writer though. And I’m thankful for all those developers out there that are making these spaces better looking with improved functionality.

I hope some smart people are able to monetize their intellectual and creative capital in new and far reaching ways. I’m not sure where this leaves the industries and institutions dependant on an old world order. As much as I hope to land on my feet, I do fear the crash of the collective failure to adapt.

That said, here are a few hot spots for high mindedness – enjoy the ride!

An interview with Issa Rae on Fresh Air with Terry Gross

First of the Month – a website of radical imagination

The New Inquiry – A space for discussion and the exploration of ideas.

Dissent Magazine – A quarterly magazine of politics and ideas since 1954

n + 1  – new American writing

Jacobin  – A socialist perspective on politics, economics, and culture

Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl – Award winning web series



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