Kind of Fresh, Kind of Dated – The Perfect Remix

Collage is such an interesting way to play with pastiche. It’s easy to be playful with disruptive juxtapositions of scale and repetition of form. Cristiana Couceiro is a designer and illustrator living in Lisbon. Not surprisingly, her work is shown is some high profile journals like NYT, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Wired.


There is a humorous power play in many of her pieces and the nod to Russian Constructivism is timely, all things considered . . .


What appear to be whimsical references in much of her work (the bright colors and simple shapes) upon further reflection strike me as a bit lonely. There is a strong tinge of isolation, a disconnected randomness, and an abandonment or disregard for the natural world.



I love that about it – art that makes you think twice and take another look. It’s looks easy but it’s not simple to make or to “read”.

Check out more of Cristian’s musings on instagram and tumblr.


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