Riddle Me That

It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover. To know how to criticize is good, to know how to create is better

– Henri Poincaré

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Important Takeaways From Popular Christmas Songs

My friend Bird Cox got this fun/ny list posted on McSweeny’s! I have such cool friends.



Freezing temperatures are optimal circumstances for holding the object of your desire captive in your home.


No amount of magic can prevent your dearly beloved friends from dying.


Coniferous trees retain their green color throughout the year.


Physical incongruities can only be reconciled by making yourself indispensable to your superiors.


The hallucinatory experience of family and friends is a valid replacement for actual family and friends.


Refraining from social and romantic enjoyment throughout the year entitles you to material compensation equivalent to approximately $1.6 billion.


Human and animal trafficking are recommended for gift purposes during a twelve-day period of each year.


Children should not report witnessing acts of adultery.

Her Left is My Right

The MapMarie Howe

The failure of love might account for most of the suffering in the world.

The girl was going over her global studies homework

in the air where she drew the map with her finger

touching the Gobi desert,

the Plateau of Tiber in front of her,

and looking through her transparent map backwards

I did suddenly see,

how her left is my right, and for a moment I understood.


A Contentious Beauty – The Work of Henry Taylor

Very excited to learn that Henry Taylor’s work has been chosen for the Whitney Biennial  which opens on March 17, the first in the museum’s new downtown building. Chosen as one of 63 participants, Taylor’s work grounds a gestural black body politic in the Biennial,  a sprawling survey of what’s happening now in contemporary art — the new, the influential and the potentially provocative.

See Alice Jump.jpg

See Alice Jump

Taylor, who lives in Los Angeles, paints subjects found in his every day in a fast and loose expression. The paintings read like a dirtier more interesting version of Larry Rivers with their text, sketching, and rough brushwork. Portraiture is his work’s center of gravity.

The tumultuous and contentious discourse pre and post election in the studios and on the streets is concerned with fundamental questions of who we are as a nation. What is a personal identity post identity politics? Is social struggle more class than race? How do we connect to place through our socioeconomic lens? How does heritage look on the outside?


Untitled Finger

Taylor invites friends, relatives, heroes from the worlds of sports and acquaintances from off the street to depict this tension between what was and still is, what could have been and why it’s not in moody and gooey downbeat environments that are more filled with expressive beauty and wisdom than hope.


That Was Then

images from Saatchi Gallery



A Swiss Miss Christmas List


I heart Swiss Miss. Tina Roth Eisenberg started swissmiss in March of 2005 as a personal visual archive. It has grown into a popular design journal with an average of 1 million unique visitors a month. Eisenberg started my love affair with design blogs. She remains my go to and I wait every week for her Friday Link Pack.

Below is her GROWING list of companies to consider supporting this holiday season. These artists and organization are truly inspirational but don’t forget to Buy Local when you can!

Sugru – the world needs fixing. The founder Jane is one of my favorite people. Watch her 99u talk and fall in love as well.

Slow Factory – Fashion as a tool for social and environmental change. NASA images printed on 100% natural fabric and eco-friendly dyes and process.

Holstee – a subscription that explores one mindful theme each month through art, words and action.

Various Keytags – get someone a special key chain. The people that run it are special too.

Three Potato Four – Janet Morales and Stu Eli began Three Potato Four through their love of found objects. It’s been a pleasure to watch their labor of love grow into a company.

Pipsticks – Monthly sticker subscription, run by a super kind couple with three kids.

Tinybop – the best educational kids apps out there. SUCH good, smart people that run this company.

Uncommon goods – Dave the founder is remarkable. Read their about page. Then support them.

JAM – online courses for kids. Zach Klein, the founder, is good people.

The Sill – Get some plants into your home and office. Healthy plants by healthy, lovely humans.

American Heirloom – I have one of their cutting boards. It’s my favorite.

Field Notes – the original. I have admired Jim Coudal, the founder, for a long time and he has been instrumental in my decision to let go of clients. He is an entrepreneur with values I admire.

Jen makes beautiful jewelry. And she is a beautiful human.

Rifle Paper – satisfy all of your paper needs. Anna Bond, the illustrator behind the brand, has shaped this industry. She is probably the hardest working human on this planet.

Etsy – a company with fantastic values and a serious moral compass, supporting makers around the world. YES!

Brooklyn Industries – know and admire the founders.

Oliver Jeffers – one of the most talented and hardest working artists I know. Buy a print or look for his picture books next time you’re in a book store.

Brvtvs – a New York based jewelry collection created by Caroline Ventura.

City of Industry – It’s been a pleasure seeing Sara build out her pin business into more than just that. A labor of love I want to see succeed!

Soma – Good people. Good products.

Charity Water – instead of christmas/wedding or birthday gifts fundraise for clean water?

Lumi – I met Jesse Genet, the co-founder recently and was so impressed by her hustle and enthusiasm to improve the world of packaging goods.

Kikkerland – my favorite place to find fun gifts.

ban.do – a destination for slightly silly fun gifts.

Ghostly – it’s easy to get lost in their music or products.

Haptic Lab – stunning products by a remarkable woman.

Poketo – beautiful gifts curated by a beautiful couple.

Hendley – I have never met a person before that makes perfumes. Hans’ love for this industry is beautiful to follow along.

Adam J. K. – one of my favorite places to shop for gifts on the internet.